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Fist Impact

Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811159789
The DEEP HOLD sex toy is intended for extreme insertions. It consists of an insertable length of 22cm. The width is 9.5cm on the fist and 5.5cm on the wrist.It has a realistic fist shape with a nice finish on the fingers. With a flat base.Made of quality vinyl..
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811069736
The Deep Dive sex toy from the Fist Impact range has an insertable length of 38cm and a progressive width ranging from 10cm to 14cm.The form is designed with two hands glued together simulating a double fist. The width is important from the start of the insertion for very extreme sensations...
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3760281713439
The Footx dildo from the Fist Impact range is a sex toy made up of two parts.The foot measuring 24cm in length and the upright part of 18cm of insertable length and a width ranging from 6.5 to 7.3cm. The shape is ideal for a pleasant and exciting insertion. It is perfect for increasing the possibili..
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811073634
This sex toy HOLD THE FIST is composed of34cm length9cm wide hand7cm armIdeal for simulating. Made of phthalate-free vinyl material...
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811261642
The Victory fist dildo is a toy from the Fist Impact range with an insertable length of 34cm. The width is 8cm on the fist.The Forearm part has a width ranging from 5.5 to 8.5cm.Suction cup base.Made of quality vinyl...
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811167302
The HASTA SIEMPRE dildo from the FIST IMPACT range is a sex toy for fisting consisting of an insertable length of 25cm. The width is 9cm on the fist. It is 5cm on the wrist.It is made with a forearm and closed fist shape. The dimensions are realistic with a suction cup.Made of quality vinyl...
Brand: Fist Impact Model: 3662811182909
The Fist HOLD THE SLAP sex toy is a dildo from the FIST IMPACT range. It consists of an insertable length of 33cm. The width of the hand is 8cm. The wrist is 6.5cm wide.Made with a special material and an ideal arm and hand shape for insertion simulation.Made of quality Vinyl...
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