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Seven Creations

Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7344QG
Especially for the girl that loves internal stimulation whilst on the go, we bring you the wonderful 4 Gold Vibro Balls, a gorgeous 4-inch chain of four interlinked stimulating spheres that can be worn inside the vagina for complete discreet pleasures. The fabulous 4 Gold Vibro Balls have been manu..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: Y006P9SPGTG
Pump up the pleasure and indulge in a bit of time with this powerful clit pump. Align the pump with your most sensitive, intimate area and gently squeeze on the soft bulb. Instantly creating a vacuum around your clit, enjoy the tugging sensations, teasing and squeezing you into orgasmic overload. Th..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 116445
So you want to make your penis larger so you can please your lover more, so what you need is the Air Control penis pump, an 8-inch transparent red cylinder to slide your penis into and a hand pump to get your penis pumped and bigger. The Air Control features a new and improved T bar design so the f..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 120091
Made for girl-on-girl or girl-on-guy penetration action the sensation Alias female strap-on is a gorgeous black strap-on with a very pleasing penis-shaped dong for vaginal and anal stimulation and takes you all the way to that body-shaking climax. The fabulous Alias female strap-on features a deep ..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 2K683CL
Unisex multi-speed butt plug with a powerful tapered bullet shaft. The clear soft jelly makes this plug waterproof and it has an easy twist dial control...
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 2K326CPR
This harness is a super sexy, high quality, adjustable crotch-less strap-on harness that comes with two hot and sensual 15cm length dongs which are completely interchangeable. Twice the choice for twice the fun, simply strap it on, fix whichever dong you fancy and off you go! Thrust away for orgasm..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 06-055APU
With looks to kill, this stylish bullet is ready to be fired into your pleasure zone! A stealthy weapon, this quiet, yet powerful vibrator comes in at only 3 inches long. But it's not the size that matters, but what you do with it, and this vibe comes with the requisite capabilities to ensure that y..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7224
Gain internal massage whilst you walk with these fabulous white duo balls, two soft latex balls joined via a cord that is inserted into the vagina and deliver exciting internal stimulation as you walkabout. These stunning Duo balls can massage and stimulate the vagina when walking, running, sitting..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: F0088B8SPGIN
The super EX line is the absolute best in simplistically shaped anal probes designed for use by him or her. The gorgeously smooth translucent blue jelly material anal probe has a subtle tapered double tip for extra sensual perception. Ease either end of this 18cm long horny probe deep into your anu..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: F0089P9SPGIN
This is the gorgeous Smoothy Prober by EX, whose line is simply the best in erotic toys for him and her! The Smoothy Prober is cast from a translucent purple jelly, with a smooth concaved shaft and anal beads, it is 23cm in length and will massage and excite the prostate gland or g-spot sending sens..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 113826
Experience the difference from the normal sex toy and experiment with the coldly erotic heavy metal! This desirable item is an adorable string of four shiny solid heavy metal anal beads with a metal loop handle. Designed with style for the elegance of erotic anal play, an essential and exciting sex ..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 13-109ALPR
Hip-G Vibrator by Seven Creations is a new, improved version of the all-time favourite G-Spot vibrator. This million-selling design satisfies lovers around the world for over 30 years. The mysterious G-spot was finally found due to the curved head and straight handle. The previous version had a simp..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7199PL
For those that love a little anal play, there is this fabulous Butt Plug with Pump, a gorgeous 6.5-inch tapered anal plug that can be inflated so it expands inside the anal passage so you can experience the wonderful sensation of being totally full. This stunning Butt Plug with Pump is manufactured..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 8220203
This is a gorgeous, highly erotic sensation-inducing orgasmic dong constructed in a beautiful purple jelly and is shaped like a penis with a veined shaft! Enjoy your passionate playtime with a dildo that will penetrate and please your intimate areas and drive you to a most sensational orgasm! Purple..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 05-143
This strap-on is a high-quality penetrator, in black nylon with straps and plastic buckles for a more comfortable fit and feel. The penis-shaped dong is flesh-coloured, is 7 inches in penetrating length, 1.5 inches in width, is made of rubber and feels just like an actual penis. Snap it in with the..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 2K524CPR
One for the guys to deliver fabulous vibrations to their partner when indulging in penetration, this fabulous jelly Rabbit is a vibration cock ring that sits comfortably at the base of your erection and delivers vibration on every thrust. The gorgeous Jelly Rabbit is made of red-coloured jelly and ..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 8220180
Indulge your masturbation pleasures with this stunning length of an orgasm-inducing sex toy, a beautiful 8-inch jet-black penis-shaped personal massager that will invade all your holes and carry you to climax. The superb Black Penis vibrator is manufactured in movable glossy black jelly with a smoo..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 8250590
Experience fabulous internal and external stimulation with the wonderful Glitter Pink Vibrator, a stunning 8-inch long penis-shaped personal massager that offers multi-speed vibration to drive you onto climax. The Glitter Pink Vibrator has been manufactured in a beautiful pink jelly with a smooth p..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 8894497
For the lover of purple passion, we have the fabulous Jelly Purple vibrator, a superb personal massager that delivers orgasmic vibration to any of your erogenous zones and will take you all the way to that body-writhing, butt-clenching well-deserved climax. The gorgeous Jelly Purple vibrator is a gl..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 990731
For whoever loves their personal massager to be on the large size we have the orgasmic King Kong vibrator, a stunning 14-inch realistic-looking penis-shaped vibrator in flesh colour that will hit all the right spots. The superb King Kong vibrator has a large penis head and long heavily veined shaft..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 4040QG
Ideal for discreet on-the-spot use no matter where you are the fabulous Lady Finger vibrator is a gorgeous 5.5-inch classic rocket-style personal massager in stunning gold that will be ready to play whenever you are no matter where you are. The sensational Lady Finger vibrator is a multi-speed massa..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 4040S
Although this exceptional massager is called the Lady Finger, it isn't just for the ladies as guys can also use this superb 5.5-inch smooth silver-coloured rocket-shaped personal massager. The stunning LadyFinger Mini vibrator has multi-speed vibration action for delivering exceptional stimulation ..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 111167
This is a wonderful penis extension made in a transparent material that stretches huge for easy entry and a firm extension to give you that extra length you want to give her. The length of this extension is 3 inches so she'll be so pleased with your newfound length that it'll send her skywards in er..
Brand: Seven Creations Model: 2K433
The fantastic Magic Flesh Passionate vagina masturbation sleeve is a sleeve that swallows you whole. Its luscious flesh-like vagina lips will tease you to completion giving you unforgettable sensations to steadily bring you closer and closer to a mind-blowing ejaculation. Constructed from Magic Fle..
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